Chef’s Secret: Ángel León – Aponiente, Cádiz

    In the south of Spain in the province of Cádiz, a half an hour drive from Jerez, there’s a charming harbour town called El Puerto de Santa Maria. Besides its beautiful historical buildings and whitewashed houses, great Sherry wineries and beloved beaches, this place has much to offer for those who seek ultimate culinary pleasure, with Aponiente Restaurant as a must visit checkbox and a true highlight on your bucket list. In his previous life Spanish topchef Ángel León – founder of Aponiente – must have been a creature from the sea, as his passion for the briny deep seems limitless. The obsession with the sea is omnipresent at Ángel León’s culinary home base. The location, the architecture, the interior design, the table decoration and of course the dishes, they all reflect that true love and fascination for the ocean and marine life.

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