Royal Summer Mule Gin cocktail


    Yes! A new attribute to prepare drinks with: a silicone mold for perfectly round ice cubes. Well, ice balls rather than cubes. This has been on our wish list for a long time and now we will really start using it too. And so step one of the cocktail preparation of the day starts several hours in advance by the making the ice balls.
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  • IMG 1_Joost Arijs

    Sweet temptation

    Sweet temptation… Impossible not to make an association with pralines and macarons! And that’s what inspired us to create this photo series. As he’s one of our favorite chocolatiers – patissiers…

  • Raphael_Suites_Antwerpen_2

    Raphael Suites, Antwerp

    People tend to choose more and more an alternative to a hotel. More space, privacy or cooking facilities are common arguments to decide whether to stay in an apartment rather than…

  • Hotel_Arena_Amsterdam_4

    Hotel Arena, Amsterdam

    From catholic orphanage for girls to pop stage with dorms for youngsters from far and wide. From shelter during World War II, to shelter for people from the Dam and Vondelpark…

  • framboos_cheescake_limoen_yoghurt_roos_2

    Innesto, Houthalen

    Innesto Restaurant in Houthalen guarantees sophisticated cuisine with a good balance of taste. During the “Jong Keukengeweld-actie” (The Young Kitchen Talent Campaign), young chef Koen Verjans invites young people between the…

  • 't Zilte_Antwerp_Hungry_for_More_10

    ‘t Zilte, Antwerp

    Do you want to enjoy gastronomic food at a prime location? Then restaurant ‘t Zilte is the place to be. There are few places that appeal as much to the imagination…

  • Terhills_hotel_kamer_1

    Terhills Hotel, Maasmechelen

    Terhills in Maasmechelen is a grand, historic building housing a boutique hotel and a Michelin-starred restaurant. With its beautiful garden this place really seems to be a little Versailles in picturesque…

  • Jaguar_F-Pace_15

    Jaguar F-Pace

    Great food, travel and artisans; these are the topics we usually write about. In short, this means that we mostly report about hotels, restaurants and crafts. But then we thought, why…

  • holstein_couscous_1

    Restaurant Danny, Maasmechelen

    To fans of creative cuisine chef Danny Vanderhoven will certainly be no stranger. He exchanged his restaurant in Rekem for another one in a new building about two years ago. And…

  • Paasei_patisserie Manus_1

    Happy Easter. Our favorite chocolate egg!

    Easter! Another day full of culinary pleasure. Whether it’s a brunch or a feast with lots of chocolate, we just love it. This year we found the most beautiful chocolate creation…

  • Nuance Duffel ganzenleverijs emulsie gepekelde rode biet

    Nuance, Duffel

    Welcome at restaurant Nuance in Duffel. Stylish, tasteful and personal. Three basic elements that characterize and make restaurant Nuance a place worth to visit.…

  • Champagne_cocktail_bramen_rozemarijn_3

    Champagne cocktail with blackberry and rosemary

    Forest fruits are our all-time favorite fruit. The delicate flavor, the elegant appearance and versatility make sure that these are ingredients we dare to use it in very different dishes, even…