Spicy carrot-pumpkin soup with nuts and seeds


    Carrot and pumpkin, next to leek and tomatoes are probably the most obvious vegetables to make soup with, but we don’t mind, do we? It is and stays after all a proven top-notch combination. Never change a winning team, right? 🙂 Or maybe just a little, by playing with the seasoning and the garniture for example, something we did in this recipe.
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  • Hotel_De_Witte_Lelie_Antwerpen_badkamer_1

    De Witte Lelie, Antwerp

    “The most beautiful place to spend the night in Antwerp”, that was the answer we received almost unanimously when we asked several people what to expect from Hotel De Witte Lelie…

  • le_clos_des_recollets_kalfswang_langoustine_truffel_1

    Le Clos des Récollets, Durbuy

    When you arrive in the center of picturesque Durbuy after passing enchanting forests, impressive cliffs, and winding roads, you will immediately experience the hospitality and the coziness of this small town.…

  • roosevelt_hotel_zeeland_zithoek_detail

    Boutique Hotel The Roosevelt, Middelburg

    Friday afternoon in the center of picturesque Middelburg. The ice cold Zeelandic air surprises us when we get out of the car. Lovely winter weather that makes you long for a…

  • soep_spinazie_kabeljauw_postelein

    Spinach-purslane soup with cod and radish sprouts

    You can do just about anything with soup. There are hearty, comfort food soups, healthy and even gastronomic bowls. You can decide for yourself in which category today’s soup belongs.  It’s…

  • restaurant_COSTES_Downtown_Boedapest_amuse_macaron_2

    Costes Downtown, Budapest

    As the first ”starred” restaurant in Hungary, everyone in Budapest knows Costes. In 2015 this classic of the high-end dining trade gained a trendy sister, called Costes Downtown, in the centre…

  • hungry_for_more_home_cooking_pasta_truffle_1

    Pasta with truffle and mushrooms

    It’s one of the classics of all classics in the Italian kitchen: pasta with truffle. A rich, creamy taste that fits nicely with earthly elements. No matter how simple this dish…

  • las_casas_de_la_juderia_cordoba_gate

    Las Casas de la Juderia, Córdoba

    The lure of the old grandeur and the contemporary luxury at Las Casas de la Juderia in Córdoba is great. It is a unique boutique hotel full of character, history and…

  • soep_knolselder_pasitnaak_peterseliecoulis

    Parsnip – celeriac soup with parsley coulis

    During winter, you automatically fancy a nice hot bowl of soup, like a rich hearty soup full of flavor and with a firm texture. The typically forgotten winter vegetables like celeriac…

  • restaurant_choco_cordoba_herring_gazpacho_2

    Restaurante Choco, Córdoba

    The Andalusian gastronomic scene is buzzing today like never before. About 30 chefs are committed to promote the local cuisine under the name of Gastroarte, where the fantastic regional products and traditional…

  • hungry_for_more_home_cooking_squid_pasta_1

    Black pasta with squid and samphire

    Making fresh pasta requires quite some skill. Ink pasta, which gets its color by adding squid ink, is something for kitchen princes or princesses daring to go just one step further.…

  • luxe_broodje_forel_biet_appel_top

    Bye bye boring bread

    Bye bye boring bread. Today we will make luxury sandwiches! Bread is in fact very tasty and it is a shame that we do not give it enough credit most of…

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    Paris for foodies

    Paris is the Mecca of gastronomy. All the same, it doesn’t always have to be fine dining by candle-light in the city of love and lights. Innumerable passionately enthusiastic craftsmen make…

  • casa_piolas_restaurant_olives_1

    Casa Piolas, Algarinejo

    Food just tastes so much better when it is prepared with love.  Nothing beats the kitchen of el padre and la madre, especially when their cooking- and plating skills are of…

  • restaurant_pure_c_cadzand_mussel_kaffir_coconut

    Pure C, Cadzand

    As is our habit every year, at the end of the summer we made a visit to Pure C. It’s always a surprise, a new experience and good to see them.…