Fong Mei, Antwerp

We decided last minute to grab the late-night movie of 10pm today, which meant that we quickly had to find a place to have a nice meal before. Fong Mei is located in the Antwerp Chinatown, close to the movie theater. They have the best dim sum in the city, which is the most important reason to go there of course.

The traditional door sheds, lacquered ducks hooked to the ceiling and funky lampions and decorations remind us of the real China. That is exactly why Fong Mei is one of our favorite places for Chinese food.  Nice and no nonsense.

We start by ordering 2 Duvels while trying to decipher the dim sum menu. With more than 50 different kinds on the menu, we put our fate in the woman taking our orders. “Don’t worry”, she laughingly assures us. Half an hour later she serves us an assortment of Dim Sum.  “Recommended by the chef”, she tells us. Everything smells deliciously aromatic, spiced and exotic. Most steamed dumplings have a base of shrimps and pork meat. The green dumpling turns out to be number 12, consisting of fried ravioli with shrimps and vegetables. Definitely a winner! A couple of spring rolls and some fried snacks remain. Although the snacks are quite greasy, the structure is light and the taste refined, especially the pork meat and coriander fillings are very tasty.


We already had enough to eat but we quickly share a main dish with duck strips and vegetables. Very tasteful. Quite a lot of garlic though.  But that’s healthy right? 🙂

fong mei chinees restaurant antwerpen eend groenten

After that we sprint to the movie theater to round off our feast with a box of frozen chocolate truffles. Yummie!

Practical information

Fong Mei, Van Arteveldestraa t 65-67, 2060 Antwerp, Belgium | +32 3 225 06 54 |

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