The Best Chef TOP300

As official partner we are proud to announce that the global selection of The Best Chef TOP300 is here with all finalists in the running to win The Best Chef Award 2018. The Best Chef Awards Gala will be held later this year on 1st October 2018 in Milan.

The Best Chef Awards

The scale of The Best Chef Awards and its exclusive character is the most highly influential in the culinary world thanks to the network of the world’s best chefs and social media influence. Last year in 2017 The Best Chef Awards were held in Warsaw, Poland with The Best Chef Award awarded to Joan Roca from Spain.

The awards gala is a global event with chefs attending from all over the world travelling from United States, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Japan and from all over Europe for the hottest culinary gala ticket.

The Best Chef TOP300

This year the initial voting process has been completed and the exclusive world selection of The Best Chef TOP300 finalists were just published. Soon after the publication, the final stage of voting begins and it will remain open for two months before the winners are presented at the gala as well as the global chef rankings.

And how does The Best Chef selection work? Each year 50 new entries (chefs) are selected with our collaborators and added to the last year’s Top300 list. Next all included chefs begin to vote for themselves. The chefs have 10 choices up to 1000 points to 100 points to decide who will be the last 300 chefs’ finalists. They vote for the Chef as a person, recognizing his talent, experience, potential as well as personality. Afterwards Top 300 finalists are voted by culinary professionals, photographers, artists, and fol-LOVERS.

A full list of The Best Chef Awards 2018 TOP300 finalists can be found on the website

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