Champagne cocktail with blackberry and rosemary

Forest fruits are our all-time favorite fruit. The delicate flavor, the elegant appearance and versatility make sure that these are ingredients we dare to use it in very different dishes, even though they are just as delicious as a healthy snack.

If raspberries were people, they would definitely have a lovable, gentle nature, with lots of depth. Blackberries are with their dramatic appearance a stronger personality: passionate and daring. Today this last fruit is the star of the recipe, combined with champagne, blackberry or blueberry syrup and rosemary. Simple, sophisticated and just a bit unusual.

Our inspiration for this elegant, powerful drink comes from The Pretty Blog.

Champagne cocktail with blackberries and rosemary


  • One or two blackberies per glass
  • Blueberry or blackberry syrup
  • Champagne
  • Rosemary

How to prepare this cocktail?

  • Pour a dash of blackberry syrup on the bottom of the glass.
  • Add (whole) blackberries.
  • Add the champagne.
  • Put a twig of rosemary in the glass.
  • Done!

Champagne cocktail with blackberries and rosemary

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