Terhills Hotel, Maasmechelen

Terhills in Maasmechelen is a grand, historic building housing a boutique hotel and a Michelin-starred restaurant. With its beautiful garden this place really seems to be a little Versailles in picturesque Limburg, and with Connecterra, Maasmechelen Village and Euroscoop, high fashion, natural beauty and movie fun are right at the corner. Everything for a relaxing weekend away is available, assuming you even want to do something, of course. Just relaxing in the hotel is perhaps the most fun part of it all.

Different Hotels. Different every time, always a success.

As a part of the Different Hotels group, the Terhills hotel is also quite special and unique. We already put the hotel group to the test with a stay at the YUP-hotel in Hasselt, which was indeed a completely different experience. Different hotels can therefore be seen as a quality label standing for something unique. You can choose from 11 hotels and a B&B, all located in Limburg.

An architectural icon in the mining region

The print on the entrance doors of the Terhills hotel immediately betrays the former use of the building. As the headquarters of the Eisden mine, this was once the vibrant heart of the mining industry. The vault doors preserved in the toilets in the basement, as well as the “crooked stairs” confirm this rich history. The latter is a somewhat bizarre eyecatcher that demonstrates how skewed the building actually it is. As a result of the mining activities, there is no less than a half a meter difference in level between both sides of the building.

terhills hotel maasmechelen limburg

terhills hotel maasmechelen limburg

The building itself was built in 1932 in neo-classical style. After it had remained empty for about 25 years, the renovation to turn it into a hotel began. Simoni Architects in Hasselt turned it into this smooth, modern concept, a successful makeover project. Because of the distinct character of the building, a cooperation with Dôme Deco from Limburg was set up to create an interior design with a lot of warmth, homeliness, and elegance.

terhills hotel maasmechelen limburg

terhills hotel maasmechelen limburg

The Terhills experience

The Terhills hotel experience starts as soon as you enter by a warm welcome in the lounge, with drinks and snacks, which makes you feel at home right away. The soft materials in sober colours, decorative elements and the elegant setting create the perfect atmosphere and homeliness.

terhills hotel maasmechelen limburg

The check-in goes smoothly and the ultramodern lift and spacious corridors take you effortlessly to one of the four room types. The Deluxe Suite caught our eyes, because of the beautiful view and the spatial character. There are plenty of nice details that make you smile spontaneously, like a folder with a lollipop and ‘different information’, a sweet message accompanied by cup of tea and a bottle of bubbles with a great welcome card.

terhills hotel maasmechelen limburg

terhills hotel maasmechelen limburg

terhills hotel maasmechelen limburg

The bathroom offers luxury with a compact freestanding bath and a very spacious shower. When checking the lamella curtain we learned that opening it creates a unity between the sleeping area and the bathroom. A smart and elegant solution to integrate both openness and privacy in the same interior.

terhills hotel maasmechelen limburg

terhills hotel maasmechelen limburg

In need of some extra relaxation? Pascaud Delight offers various beauty treatments.

Waking up to a delicious cup of Nespresso while enjoying the sunrise in the French garden is not something that can be easily surpassed to our opinion. But then again, we have not eaten anything at the hotel yet. 🙂

terhills hotel maasmechelen limburg

Royal breakfast

When it comes to breakfast, we can be quite critical, just because we have become a bit spoiled, as we have been served high-level breakfasts in many places. Luckily, this is not different at the Terhills hotel. We are very satisfied with the fresh fruit and yogurt, a wide selection of cheeses and charcuterie and an assortment of hot items like eggs and pancakes. As icing on the cake we spoil ourselves with a glass of bubbles and the sweets that are staring at us from under a series of glass bells.

terhills hotel maasmechelen limburg

Gastronomy at restaurant Danny Vanderhoven

Tip of the day. Leave some place in your tummy at breakfast to be able to enjoy gastronomy at restaurant Danny Vanderhoven. The chef will surprise you with creative dishes inspired by the surroundings. More about our experience at restaurant Danny can be found here.

Travelling in style with the Jaguar F-Pace

When you go away for a stylish weekend, similar transportation is of course required. We could find what we were looking for in the Jaguar F-Pace. Want to know more about our driving experience? Just click here.

In short…

The Terhills hotel in Maasmechelen represents homely luxury, a personal approach, pure rest and relaxation and a lot of comfort. The rich history and gastronomic, sporty and stylish offer nearby make it almost impossible not to enjoy but a great weekend.

Practical information

Terhills Hotel, Zetellaan 68, 3630 Maasmechelen, Belgium | +32 (0)89 73 09 09 | info@terhillshotel.com | www.terhillshotel.com | instagram.com/terhillshotel/ 

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