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Pasta with truffle and mushrooms

It’s one of the classics of all classics in the Italian kitchen: pasta with truffle. A rich, creamy taste that fits nicely with earthly elements. No matter how simple this dish is, we just went loose when selecting the ingredients.
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Black pasta with squid and samphire

Making fresh pasta requires quite some skill. Ink pasta, which gets its color by adding squid ink, is something for kitchen princes or princesses daring to go just one step further. As we would never dare to pretend that our homemade ink pasta would be better than the traditional artisans from Europe’s boot, our first stop today will be La Scoperta.
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Pesto tortellini with bacon and enoki mushrooms

Hmm, that pasta is amazing. Homemade? Uhm no, home bought in the supermarket. Luckily it’s just the two of us and nobody is asking difficult questions. Nothing can beat a good homemade pasta of course. However, today’s recipe shows that you can create a nice-looking dish in only 15 minutes, because you have to admit, appearance does matter.
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