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Sweet temptation

Sweet temptation… Impossible not to make an association with pralines and macarons! And that’s what inspired us to create this photo series. As he’s one of our favorite chocolatiers – patissiers we used the creations of Joost Arijs for this shoot.

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Sedella Vinos, Andalucia

For a long time now it’s been no secret that Spain is a land of wonderful wines. But it’s probably less well known that on a remote mountain-top in the middle of all the natural beauty of Andalusia there’s a unique, tiny wine-house. It’s called Sedella, like the small nearby village. We went to discover this hidden ultra-modern architectural pearl, and to enjoy and sample its wares.
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Le Monde des Mille Couleurs

Ever heard of leek blooms? Fleabane? Electric daisy? Let alone tasted such weird and wonderful things! Well, not to worry! In fact most people just doing their shopping in the supermarket or even at organic shops don’t even know the half of the rich variety of types of plants Nature has to offer. That goes for us too. We think it’s a great shame because the hidden natural flavours of wild plants are so intense but delicate. Suddenly everything you’ve tasted before seems artificial and rather dull. There are thousands of different plants and vegetables and their flowers in the world, each with delightful aromas, flavours and colours. More than enough reason to send this joyful message to the world. At Le Monde des Mille Couleurs –  they couldn’t have come up with a better name! – we got the chance to discover all these plants growing and see them blossom. Continue Reading

PurFruit “pick your own” garden

The concept of “pick your own” farms – harvest, weigh and pay yourself – already exists in Anglo-Saxon countries for some time. In Belgium however, it is not a well known concept yet. Purfruit in Oeselgem was born about 17 years ago and was one of the first places in our country where you can harvest fruit yourself. We paid Bart Van Parijs and Nele Deweirdt, who give their hearts and souls for ‘Purfruit‘ and ‘Bio Van Bij Ons‘ a visit. Continue Reading

Butcher Atelier Millevaches

‘t Eilandje in Antwerp has yet another special shop to add to the list. At butcher Atelier Millevaches the carcasses are left to cure in the display window. A lot of passers-by stop spontaneously to get a closer look, because you have to admit, it’s not something you see every day. The reactions from the public are quite different to say the least. Some find it distasteful and inappropriate, others find it artistic, authentic and beautiful. Although the opinions on the carcasses differ, Millevaches‘ vision is clear: quality above quantity.   Continue Reading