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‘t Eilandje in Antwerp has yet another special shop to add to the list. At butcher Atelier Millevaches the carcasses are left to cure in the display window. A lot of passers-by stop spontaneously to get a closer look, because you have to admit, it’s not something you see every day. The reactions from the public are quite different to say the least. Some find it distasteful and inappropriate, others find it artistic, authentic and beautiful. Although the opinions on the carcasses differ, Millevaches‘ vision is clear: quality above quantity.  

Millevaches Antwerpen winkel gerijpt vlees

Millevaches Antwerpen Berkel vlees snijmachine

Eat less meat, eat better meat

It is not very obvious for a butchery to handle the motto ‘eat less meat, eat better meat’. Nevertheless, this starting point could not be more fitting for butcher Atelier Millevaches, as the authentic cow and pig breeds that you can get here have been given the space and time to grow naturally. This is good for your health, for the animals themselves and for the environment, and of course, the taste of meat prepared with care is always the best.

From restaurant to farm to butchery

Butcher Atelier Millevaches belongs to the same group as the restaurants Lux, Món en Steytelinck in Antwerp. As the chefs were always looking for the best meat with guaranteed quality, the team started a small farm in the Kempen. However, it became too small very soon and in Mainsat, a village in the Limousin area at the Plateau de Millevaches, Le Cluzeau Boyer was for sale. The herd of Limousins was moved there and got company from amongst others Black Agnus and Aubrac cattle. In addition there are also Cul Noir pigs living on the farm, an ancient breed of which there were only about 400 animals still alive. That population has now already grown nicely.

A large, high quality range

Next to home-bred meat you can also find other species such as Blonde d’Aquitane, Maine d’Anjou and Rubia Gallega at Millevaches. The ready-to-eat preparations are made by chef Robrecht Wissels and the atelier is led by butcher Michael Vervliet. Furthermore, the butchery still delivers meat for the restaurants Lux, Món and Steytelinck.

We were seduced by a piece of ripened Rubia Gallega of no less than 800 grams. We prepared this fat marbled meat on the barbecue. The result was a delicious piece of high quality meat that did not need any extras.

Millevaches Antwerpen Rubia Gallega

Millevaches Antwerpen Rubia Gallega


Practical information

Slagerij Atelier Millevaches, Godefriduskaai 12, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium | +32 3 225 55 66 | info@millevaches.be | www.millevaches.be | Facebook

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