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Salmon, fennel, pomegranate and snow pea salad

The more color, the healthier. Or so Iā€™m told. This salad with salmon, fennel, snow pea and pomegranate is a winner in any case! We have used salmon marinated in Gin & Tonic for a change, creating a very subtle sharpness and bitterness, but as the rest of the dish is filled with fresh fruit and vegetables, this little sin will certainly be forgiven. šŸ™‚ Read more

Lamb shoulder on the BBQ, Israeli couscous and salad

Cooking options with lamb are infinite. Whether you like the Mediterranean or the French-Belgian cuisine, the possibilities are endless. With the help ofĀ lambassador and chef CĆ©dric Demey,Ā the European Union would like to challenge people to put European lamb on the menu with the campaign Ā ā€˜Lamb. Good. Easy. Fun.’ To provide some guidance, a platform has been created with information aboutĀ the different cuts of lambĀ and a series ofĀ recipesĀ ofĀ CĆ©dric Demey. More information can be found on theĀ website, onĀ Facebook, Pinterest orĀ YouTube. Read more

Salad with green asparagus, strawberries and Parmesan

Is there a month more heavenly than May? Ā The first strawberries, heaps of asparagus and sunrays high in the sky. If you then add some bank holidays to all of this, you have plenty of Ā reasons to prepare this salad with green asparagus, strawberries and Parmesan.
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Salad with lentils, steak and feta

During the weekend we sometimes have flexitarians over for a visit. Flexi-what? Even though these people do eat meat, they opt just as often for vegetarian alternatives. For a while now they have been asking us to go out for a nice steak, as they rarely prepare this for themselves. Today we will serve them a delicious sirloin steak combined with ingredients that can be found in a lot of vegetarian recipes.

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