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It was in the early 80s that the yuppies appeared on the scene – the ‘Young Urban Professionals’. They were young people doing well in their careers and they liked the comfort and luxury of a trendy life in a fashionable city. Whether it’s a compliment or an insult to have the label stuck on you – then or now – depends on whom you ask, of course!

Feeling YUP in Hasselt

The YUP hotel in Hasselt can certainly see the positive angle to the Yuppie life. Their target guests are modern adventurers on the lookout for relaxation and a good time. But instead of the extreme luxury that attracted the original Yuppies, today’s YUP in Hasselt has a feeling of a boutique hotel, but at surprisingly wallet-friendly prices.

Hotel Yup Hasselt interieur lounge

Hotel Yup Hasselt interieur onbijtruimte

Hotel Yup Hasselt interieur zithoek

Hotel Yup Hasselt bar zithoek interieur

The Hotel belongs to the Different Hotels and opened as recently as autumn 2015 in what used to be an Ibis hotel. The first thing you see is its black-painted wall, which is entirely in keeping with the whole YUP idea – stylish but with just a hint of kitsch.

Hotel Yup Hasselt gebouw locatie

Everything’s just right

As soon as you get inside, the furnishings create just the right atmosphere. You notice that they’ve truly thought of everything in this hotel, from the hippest snacks to good coffee to fast WiFi and 24/7 access. Everything’s just right here and fits the measure of young trendy people. In fact perhaps it’s all just a bit too correct, so that a sense of spontaneity’s a bit lacking. All the same there’s a good chance that you’ll have a huge smile on your face thanks to the amusing quotes, funky design and cool gadgets.

Hotel Yup Hasselt niet storen

Hotel Yup Hasselt quotes

Hotel Yup Hasselt sfeer gang

Sleep, work, relax

Here they call the rooms ‘Cabins’ and they’re made like a cocoon where you don’t only sleep but you can watch films or surf the net. The bed’s really good and the layout hip and stylish. So it’s unfortunate that we found the rooms a tad small to be really comfortable – certainly if you want to stay here for a few days and need to put your stuff somewhere. Take out tip and don’t take too much luggage, and that way you’ll have a great stay. 

Hotel Yup Hasselt kamer

Hotel Yup Hasselt badkamer

Hotel Yup Hasselt kamer quotes sfeer

Perfect location

Its location on the Thonissenlaan makes the YUP a great base to get to know Hasselt. A walk of five or ten minutes gets you to the city centre and you’ll find all sorts of shops, restaurants and cultural activities right next to each other. We combined our stay at the hotel with a fine dining experience at JER.

And here’s another tip we’re glad to pass on: book direct via the hotel’s own website. We booked through an external website and paid something like 25% more; so that’s an easy mistake to avoid.

Practical information

Yup Hotel,Thonissenlaan 52, 3500 Hasselt, Belgium | +32 11 23 11 11 | info@yuphotel.be | www.yuphotel.com | Facebook | Twitter

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