Culinaria – Autumn by Audi

We all have our favorite restaurants and chefs. We like their style, food and concept, so we go and visit them over and over again. But of course we also love to discover everything that’s new and trending. There’s no better place to explore the Belgian food scene than Culinaria. This year, Culinaria had a new look and  concept: Autumn by Audi.

Three culinary universes

At Culinaria Autumn more than 60 chefs, artisans and producers joined this unique event at an industrial warehouse in Brussels. The location had been divided in three different universes: the Mercato Leffe, the S. Pellegrino Gastronomique and the Club Perrier.

At the Mercato Leffe you could enjoy tasty dishes and snacks at a very reasonable price. It was the perfect spot to discover all kinds of craftmanship and bistronomy in a relaxed atmosphere.

For those who felt like partying or who fancied the clubbing vibe, there was the Club Perrier, dedicated to cocktails and music. A selection of famous bartenders came up with original cocktails and an iconoclastic foodtail menu, all accompanied by a live music program.

The Gastronomique S.Pellegrino Restaurant offered gastronomy and a unique fine dining experience. Every evening, 4 top chefs had chosen to work together in order to offer an unforgettable 8 hands dinner.

But there was more than food to discover here. By combining the industrial context with fancy tableware and decoration that felt like a rainforest, the organisation succeeded in creating an exclusive setting. Thanks to the programmed artistic performances and a very attentive service, all the elements for a relaxed fine dining experience where there.


Four chefs, eight courses

We joined the party on the 25th of October, when 4 Walloon chefs joined forces to create a rich and tasteful dining experience. The stars of the evening were Philippe Fauchet (Restaurant Philippe Fauchet*), Mario Elias (Le Cor de Chasse*), Christophe Pauly (Le Coq aux Champs*) and Laury Zioui (L’Eveil des Sens*).

The menu at Culinaria Autumn

To warm up our taste buds we sampled two aperitifs. First we had a Pommery Blue Skies Aperitif, which was a sort of bubbly on the rocks. Then we had a Tanqueray gin with Hibiscus flavored Schweppes tonic.

Time to taste the dishes. Here’s what the chefs presented that evening.

Parsnip, bergamot, white chocolate and vanilla coffee oil – by Laury Zioui.

culinaria autumn 2016

Raw smoked beef, tarragon, Jerusalem artichoke, oxalis – by Mario Elias.

culinaria autumn 2016

Porcini mushroom cracker, poultry liver cream and pear in the mist – by Philippe Fauchet.

culinaria autumn 2016

Squid, lentil dressing, Garam-masala, choron – by Christophe Pauly.

culinaria autumn 2016

Carrots and freshly picked mushrooms, foie gras and malt –  by Philippe Fauchet.

culinaria autumn 2016

Wild salmon, tomatoes, blueberries, Cailloux de Wéris Chorizo – by Mario Elias.

culinaria autumn 2016

Bresse pigeon, parmentier curry-badianne – by Christophe Pauly.

culinaria autumn 2016

Selected Swiss cheeses.

culinaria autumn 2016

Candied pineapple with ginger and cardamon, textures of white chocolate, crumble and passion fruit meringue – by Laury Zioui.

culinaria autumn 2016

Coffee – by Masalto & Financier – by Dandoy.

culinaria autumn 2016

Digestif – Mini Malts (SingletonCardhuTalisker).

culinaria autumn 2016

See you soon!

Unfortunately all good things come to an end. But luckily we can already start to look forward to the next edition of Culinaria, where we can hopefully discover more chefs, artisans and food trend. See you there!

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