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Royal Summer Mule Gin cocktail

Yes! A new attribute to prepare drinks with: a silicone mold for perfectly round ice cubes. Well, ice balls rather than cubes. This has been on our wish list for a long time and now we will really start using it too. And so step one of the cocktail preparation of the day starts several hours in advance by the making the ice balls.
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Aviation cocktail with Marsala and edible flowers

You should never ever mess with a proven recipe, unless you happen to lack one of the main ingredients and if the substitute actually seems quite tasty. It will not be the same as the original, but that actually makes it quite exciting. Hence our idea for this variant of the “Aviation” cocktail.
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Salmon, fennel, pomegranate and snow pea salad

The more color, the healthier. Or so I’m told. This salad with salmon, fennel, snow pea and pomegranate is a winner in any case! We have used salmon marinated in Gin & Tonic for a change, creating a very subtle sharpness and bitterness, but as the rest of the dish is filled with fresh fruit and vegetables, this little sin will certainly be forgiven. 🙂 Continue Reading

Beetroot, goat cheese and edible flower salad

Winter is the perfect season to prepare something with beetroot. Not just because they are easy to find then, but also because they add color to your dish, something we all can use when everything looks gray and dreary outside.

Next to that, we have decided to work with two other ingredients to get an extra summer boost. Salads and edible flowers make us eagerly look forward to spring. A real boost for the mind and for the taste buds, as edible flowers have in fact heaps of flavor and are therefore much more than just a decorative element. Therefore, you should definitely taste the flowers if you plan to use them in a dish. They can really make or break the whole experience, depending on the rest of the ingredients and whether they fit or not.

The third main element in our preparation is goat cheese. We have chosen a soft artisanal goat cheese from Holland made by De Bokkesprong. These cheese makers use the milk of goats from their own stable, trying to work as natural as possible.

“Now where is that recipe?” you will probably think. Well, there are not a lot of instructions for the preparation. Just add all elements together in a bowl and season everything. That’s it, really. 🙂 Below you will find the list of ingredients.

  • Mixed salad
  • Colored, cooked beets
  • Soft, fresh goat cheese to crumble
  • Edible flowers
  • CressOlive oil
  • Pepper and fleur de sel

Tip of the Day: Select a beautiful bowl and do not just keep it for special occasions. A simple salad like this one will taste extra delicious when presented beautifully. We have used a bowl from the Pure-collectie of Pascale Naessens for Serax.


Salade bieten geitenkaas bloemen

Quiche with carrots, zucchini and eggplant

This vegetable swirl pie with carrot, zucchini and eggplant is guaranteed to impress, and with good reason, because cutting the veggies is not that easy. However, the satisfaction when the pie comes out of the oven will be even greater.
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Meliefste, Wolphaartsdijk

One of the most talked about things last year was restaurant Meliefste in the Dutch town of Wolphaartsdijk. The first Michelin star that many had predicted was unfortunately not obtained, but they did get a score of 16/20 at GaultMillau and numerous positive reviews. With the prospect of a weekend in Zeeland, it was of essence for us to visit Meliefste.
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Spicy carrot-pumpkin soup with nuts and seeds

Carrot and pumpkin, next to leek and tomatoes are probably the most obvious vegetables to make soup with, but we don’t mind, do we? It is and stays after all a proven top-notch combination. Never change a winning team, right? 🙂 Or maybe just a little, by playing with the seasoning and the garniture for example, something we did in this recipe.
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Spinach-purslane soup with cod and radish sprouts

You can do just about anything with soup. There are hearty, comfort food soups, healthy and even gastronomic bowls. You can decide for yourself in which category today’s soup belongs.  It’s up to you anyway, as most soups are super easy to tweak. With only a couple of small twists you can add your own style to a standard recipe. For example, try to vary with the quantity of potatoes to make your soup thicker or more liquid, or finish everything off with sumptuous fish or with sausages, all very tasty and fun. Soup away! 🙂
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Pasta with truffle and mushrooms

It’s one of the classics of all classics in the Italian kitchen: pasta with truffle. A rich, creamy taste that fits nicely with earthly elements. No matter how simple this dish is, we just went loose when selecting the ingredients.
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Parsnip – celeriac soup with parsley coulis

During winter, you automatically fancy a nice hot bowl of soup, like a rich hearty soup full of flavor and with a firm texture. The typically forgotten winter vegetables like celeriac and parsnip are perfectly suited for this.

With this recipe, it suddenly doesn’t seem so bad anymore that it is dark early, that it is wet and that there is a cold wind blowing. Install yourself in front of the stove and enjoy every spoonful. You’ll definitely need a spoon, as this is a very thick soup and drinking it is not that handy. ☺

Ideally, this soup should be mixed until it is smooth. You can add crunch and extra flavor by baking or frying some celeriac or parsnip cubes and adding them later.

By finishing the rather crude soup with parsley coulis and some olive oil the plate will immediately look a lot more elegant. The fresh green coulis adds color and life to the pale soup. Parsley and ‘forgotten’ vegetables are a top notch combination by the way.  

Enjoy!soep knolselder pastinaak peterseliecoulis


  • ½ celeriac
  • 4 parsnips
  • ½ potato (can be left out if you prefer your soup less thick)
  • 1 onion
  • White base of 1 leek
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 3 bouillon cubes
  • 1,5 liter of water
  • A bunch of curly leaf parsley
  • Olive oil
  • Pepper


  • Cut the vegetables and seasonings into cubes.
  • Keep aside some of the parsnip and/or celeriac and cut into thin strips.
  • Sauté the onion, the leek, the garlic, and the potato in olive oil.
  • Add the parsnip and celeriac. Allow to simmer for two to three minutes.
  • Add the water and the bouillon cubes. Allow to cook for about 20 minutes on low heat.
  • Meanwhile bake the pieces of celeriac and parsnip in olive oil.
  • Cook half a bunch of parsley in water. Add some baking soda to make sure that the parsley keeps its beautiful green color.
  • Remove the cooked parsley out of the water and put it in a blender or food processor with quite some olive oil. Mix on the highest speed until you get a parsley coulis.
  • Mix the soup using a blender or food processor at high speed to get a smooth texture. Do you prefer a soup with chunks?  Then use a plain mixer.
  • Serve the soup in a deep plate. Top it off with parsley coulis and some pieces of baked parsnip and/or celeriac. Season with salt and pepper if needed.

Black pasta with squid and samphire

Making fresh pasta requires quite some skill. Ink pasta, which gets its color by adding squid ink, is something for kitchen princes or princesses daring to go just one step further. As we would never dare to pretend that our homemade ink pasta would be better than the traditional artisans from Europe’s boot, our first stop today will be La Scoperta.
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Bye bye boring bread

Bye bye boring bread. Today we will make luxury sandwiches! Bread is in fact very tasty and it is a shame that we do not give it enough credit most of the time. The association with sweaty cheese between tasteless white supermarket bread in a dull lunch box is very quickly made, or we link it to prefabricated open-faced baguettes topped with salads mainly containing mayonnaise to compensate the dry structure of something that is supposed to be tuna.  But enough whining already. 🙂 It is now time to show how to make sandwiches with a minimum of efforts and a maximum of taste.
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Eggplant rolls with mozzarella, Parma ham and basil

Scoring with your guests starts with a tasty, elegant appetizer, preferably a bit creative, not too complex and inviting to put on a cocktail stick. These eggplant rolls with mozzarella, Parma ham and basil meet the criteria. Success guaranteed! As you do not need to be in the kitchen for the preparations all the time, you can actually receive the compliments yourself, so that means double fun. Just in case the message was not clear, we have pinned the essence. Eat me! It is as simple as that. 🙂
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Salmon tartare with avocado

There is no better way to truly enjoy the taste of fresh fish than by turning it into a tartare.  Salmon is one of those kinds of fishes that is extremely suited for this. It is best to combine fatty fishes with other rich or fresh products, like avocado or Granny Smith as we do in this recipe.
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