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Eggplant with feta and pomegranate

The best home cooked meals are often not meticulously finished culinary creations, but rather playful dishes with beautiful ingredients and a high appetite level. If they look very tasty while it feels like the preparation did not take too much effort, the mission is accomplished. Recipes that are definitely examples of this category are those of Yotam Ottolenghi. His secrets are simplicity, rich flavors, fresh products and lots of possibilities to vary with. Continue Reading

Prosecco with plums and thyme

Some inspiration for a tasty, refreshing aperitif is always welcome during summer, preferably not too difficult but still startling. One of those simple bottles of bubbly – that everyone has at home – is a fine starting point.  We often do not open that bottle, as it is too basic and we do not have any creative ideas to turn it into a fabulous combination. That is when we prepared a prosecco with plums and thyme with it. The advantage of such simple ingredients is t
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Quiche with beetroot, goat cheese and walnuts

Whether it is brunch, lunch or dinner, quiche is always tasty. The options are endless and you can prepare it with almost any vegetable and all sorts of meat. We have prepared a version with beetroot and goat cheese this time, and the result is delicious when it comes out of the oven. However, the next day – when all flavors are thoroughly mixed – the quiche tastes even better.
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Smoked scallops with mushrooms and miso

Yes! Sunshine, balmy air and more longer days. Summer is back and we can wipe the dust off our BBQ. While the meat is absorbing the marinade and when the salads are ready, it’s time for a light snack or a starter. We choose smoked scallops with mushrooms and miso.
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Pesto tortellini with bacon and enoki mushrooms

Hmm, that pasta is amazing. Homemade? Uhm no, home bought in the supermarket. Luckily it’s just the two of us and nobody is asking difficult questions. Nothing can beat a good homemade pasta of course. However, today’s recipe shows that you can create a nice-looking dish in only 15 minutes, because you have to admit, appearance does matter.
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Meringue roulade with rose petals and fresh raspberries

There are some cakes whose appearance alone will make your mouth water. This meringue roulade with rose petals and fresh raspberries, of which we will gladly share the recipe, is just like that. It looks like a piece of art with its combination of colors, soft structure and rich filling.
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Lamb shoulder on the BBQ, Israeli couscous and salad

Cooking options with lamb are infinite. Whether you like the Mediterranean or the French-Belgian cuisine, the possibilities are endless. With the help of lambassador and chef Cédric Demey, the European Union would like to challenge people to put European lamb on the menu with the campaign  ‘Lamb. Good. Easy. Fun.’ To provide some guidance, a platform has been created with information about the different cuts of lamb and a series of recipes of Cédric Demey. More information can be found on the website, on Facebook, Pinterest or YouTube. Continue Reading

Lamb in the grass

Lamb is one of our favorite kinds of meat. For some reason it seems that lamb makes any meal a bit festive. The rich flavor and soft meat give every dish with lamb a certain finesse and refinement. However, the combination with other ingredients and the selection of the right piece of meat – for example leg, rack or fillet – give each dish a different taste sensation. There is always something for everybody! Continue Reading

Trout, kohlrabi and a fresh green sauce

There were two things we wanted for today’s recipe. First of all, we felt like preparing something with fish, preferably something resembling salmon, but not actual salmon.  Secondly, we were looking for seasonal vegetables, but not the typical ones. The outcome? A recipe for trout with kohlrabi sauce.
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Fennel-pea soup with smoked mackerel, beetroot and sour cream

Peas are some of the most undervalued vegetables, not because they are not tasteful or because people don’t like them, but because the food combinations that we use are often dull (like in combination with carrots, or in soup with smoked sausages). Today we are gladly looking for recipes with a twist, and that is how we have come up with fennel-pea soup. To top it off we will use smoked mackerel, beetroot and sour cream.

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Steak tartare with radish, caviar and umami-mayonnaise

If you ask someone to name five popular dishes served in Belgian restaurants, chances are that steak tartare is on that list. As every classic dish deserves a make-over from time to time, we will try to give steak tartare a new twist, an Eastern one. That way, the beloved flavors will stand out even more. The sophisticated Japanese kitchen (with the typical umami-flavor) and the Belgian classics are definitely a match. Combine them and firework is what you’ll get!   

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